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Our campaigns

Our campaigns

We campaign for children and young people’s rights to prosperous lives, thriving childhood and safeguarded environment.

We aim to campaign about:

  • Raising awareness of society as a whole and specifically of children, young and vulnerable people in Pakistan and from ethnic communities in the UK on sexual abuse, harm, neglect, exploitation, discrimination and violence
  • Demanding uniform legislative systems for safeguarding, ensuring the enforcement of human rights laws for children and young people in Pakistan 
  • Making laws get reformed, ensuring essential laws exist and work for safeguarding children and young people
  • Clarifying and defining children and young people’s rights and laws
  • Making education institutions safe from abuse
  • Advocating for mandatory safeguarding policies and procedures in Pakistan
  • Making it safe and porn free for children and young people online
  • Highlighting the causes of abuse and cruelty

Our Priorities:

Listening to and believing in children and young people fearlessly is our highest priority.

We intend to remain brave in raising the issues important for children and young people’s wellbeing. We aim to break the taboos and remain determined to prevent cruelty and child abuse. We intend to remain attentive in our observation, campaigns and actions to ensure abuse is recognised and prevented.

Our priorities are dekho, bolo and roko.

Dekho: Identifying the issues through focused and targeted efforts and consistently improving services making the most of safeguarding efforts

Bolo: Speaking up by bringing together local communities (families, community and public/private bodies), identifying gaps in policies and laws, campaigning for appropriate and swift actions and influencing others for the shared objectives

Roko: Preventing cruelty of all kinds with full force by safeguarding and empowering children and young people, campaigning for comprehensive policies/laws and a safer place for children and young people.

Get involved

Get involved, here are some great ways to make a difference


By volunteering with us, you can make a real difference directly to many children, young people and their families’ lives. Your desire to help and enthusiasm to make a difference is all what you need to join us.

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Together, we can make a real difference to children, young and vulnerable people’s lives. We aim to convince government and law-making institutes take abuse, cruelty and violence of all kinds as grave crimes.

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Support us in preventing abuse so that many young lives can be protected. There are many children and young people who need us now. We can help them with your support. Help us reach out to every child and young person.

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We believe in concerted efforts to preventing cruelty and abuse by:

  • Developing individual capabilities, competencies, skills and understanding of children, young persons and persons responsible (parents, carers, teachers)
  • Providing safeguarding training services and life-long learning skills to children, young persons and persons responsible
  • Making regulatory authorities and law work for children’s safety and empowerment
  • Engaging the local and national public and private institutions into safeguarding policy planning and implementation for children and young people
  • Working together with government agencies, public and private institutions
  • Highlighting our strengths as a society and identifying areas of work
  • Introducing and strengthening safeguarding practices
  • Providing counselling
  • Preventing porn, hate and grooming online